The Acting Academy
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Our Acting Studio

Our Studio provides a safe and effective work environment for the beginning to the professional actor.  Our classes are dedicated to give the tools and the training to prepare actors for work in the film and television industry.  classes are small and personalized.





Sherry is involved with the film industry and has over 20 years of experience.  She has trained both in Los Angeles and Vancouver, has been in both professional and independent film and television, and still pursues her craft.  She has worked, (and yes auditioned), with the casting directors in Vancouver and knows what they require.  She brings professionalism to both her students and her craft.





 One of our Youth Instructors at the  Acting Academy is Pauline. Pauline  brings to the table over 10+ years of experience in the professional and independent film and television industry. Trained at in Vancouver, and at the Academy, Pauline has helped students understand what casting directors seek and what is required to ace auditions or at least make a mark so you get call backs





 Our Newest member to the Acting Academy is Stanley. Stanley has been involved with the business of Acting collectively 20 plus years.  From Stage to Film, he brings his knowledge of acting to his students and helps his students flourish in their budding careers. He has trained both in the UK and in Canada and is a wonderful addition to the Acting Academy Family! 


Usama is  our Web/social/media Guru.  He has been involved with many sucessful companies and now works freelance with us and other associations across the country. We are extremely pleased to have him with us.






We will be having a variety of guest speakers throughout the  year  for lectures/workshops which include directors, actors, agents and instructors. They are from all across the country, and are involved with film, television, and independent features.