On-going scene study:


All classes run for 4 weeks. Once per week.


Prices on site: 

220.00 per month 

for adults 17+

$ 180.00 per month for teen/youth

10-16 yrs

$ 160.00 per month


7 yrs - 12 yrs only

Prices Online Classes: 

$ 180.00 per month 

for adults 17+

$ 180.00 per month for teen

11-16 yrs

Prices Online Classes/ Hybrid Participant: 

$ 180.00 per month 

for adults 17+

$ 180.00 per month for teen

11-16 yrs

Skype Coaching: 

$55.00 per 1/2 hour



Private Coaching: 

$60.00 per hour

Acting Improv:

$ 180.00 per 6 week 

Acting Improv workshop/class on occasion



Beginning/Introduction to Acting:

For those just starting out, or has had limited exposure.  Beginning to develop the trust in the character relationship, and working with others within the scene and on camera.  



Designed to "up the ante".  Allowing the creative source to develop  within and tune into the character.  Challenging the individual with diverse topics, and being able to allow the truth to show on camera.



Fine tuning all that has been developed and doing it with ease.  The confidence to go to an audition and allowing the process to work for them without hesitation.

Children/Youth classes:

This is a fun filled classes to teach your little star the basics of an audition.  How to slate, and using their voice, being comfortable in front of  camera, understanding direction, and so much more.   Small classes (8 max)

Skype Coaching/Online Classes:
Technology has changed the world so much so that you do not have to travel the world to get a top notch education or career.  And with the Covid 19 epidemic it is imperative for social distancing.  But how does one continue and continue to learn their craft in a safe environment.  That same technology has given the ability to bring top notch acting coaching to you, which saves you time, money and inadvertently the environment, (not using vehicles to get you there).

Training is now available with Skype and Zoom, and is becoming the next best thing to taking a hands on class.   Now getting a one on one session, with individual attention, or an On Line Class are one of the easiest ways to chip away at whatever you require help with. 

So, when we first started this process, we were sceptical.  Really, you think I am going to get anything from this?  Yet we have had individuals who are auditioning with great feedback and many who are booking gigs.

Now with this technology, we are delighted to have customers from all over the world, Canada, United States, UK, Australia, Skyping or Zooming with us.  One thing though, we are only english speaking, but we are working on that as well.

We even have some clients, who share the time, and make it a semi - private class. We have others who just use it for coaching for a audition.  We have now implemented drop in classes, where the actor can be working with other actors from around the world.  The possibilities are endless.  

We use the Meisner Technique as a base, and customize it to each actor
Private Coaching:

For those times an extra session is necessary.  Maybe it's for a important audition, or a role that needs a little extra attention. We work with the actor to make the character his own.  As well with the camera to make sure that he has  all of the technical aspects in check


1/2 Day Workshop (on occasion):

Whether you have debuted your acting chops in the Vancouver area, in a local theatre play, or are just curious on trying it out, today's deal will help you sharpen your skills. Set the stage for your acting career with a 1/2 day workshop at our studio. During the workshop, students will instructed on how to be truthful in scene work, connect with other actors, and take direction. Working with rehearsed scenes and cold reads, students begin to build confidence and start to become comfortable in front of the camera.